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Who is 1921F?

A bit about us.

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All crafted from the salty beach air, the boys of 1921F have an unsung bond that unifies them. To others, we're just those smelly beach kids.

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Brought together by the beauty that is JMU, they quickly realized their potential as a powerhouse quartet built of strong morals, brawn, and brains, fueled by a strict stir-fry diet.

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Though all spawned from various backgrounds they quickly found common ground of self-betterment, humor, and a quest to live everyday to the max.

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Bring on the good times.

There's never a dull moment in 1921F and there is never a chance that any of us will let this party that is life stop even for a second.

Well, you've started now. Keep going.

Meet the Crew

A unique class of extraordinary gentlemen.

Hiller Jennings

Hiller Jennings

"I'd rather be surfing."

Dave Venner

Dave Venner

"Who's gonna win today?!"

Tommy Koehler

Tommy Koehler

"Have you seen my mural?"



"Yup, it's just Schmit."

See the House

Check out the essential decor and tools that grace 1921F.

Our Story

Definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • Front Door

    August 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Tom and Schmit move into 1921F barley escaping the horrors of the dorms. Meanwhile David Venner is waist deep in The Citadel's B.S. reconstructing faces while Hiller spends his leisure time cleaning up after a 5 year old roommate.

  • Stella the Stump

    April 2015

    Our First Decor

    While walking through the Arboretum, Tom and Hiller spot what would become the first addition to the 1921 fortress. From that day forth, Stella the Stump has graced our deck and caught many throwing knives. At about this time D.V. made the brilliant choice to transfer to JMU and change the balance of the universe forever.

  • Frog Week

    August 2015

    We Board the Ship

    After months of working away at our summer jobs the boys arrive one by one to what would be the collective home to the four of us over the next two years. With full hearts, wallets, and an unquenchable thirst for a good time, we embarked on our junior year.

  • Decorating the house

    Summer 2015 to forever

    Extreme Apartment Makeover

    Quickly after our arrival we discovered an insatiable desire to perfect our houses' aesthetic. From that point on, whether it was painting walls, drawing murals, or pissing away our security deposit we never ceased to turn our apartment into a ever expanding piece of art.

  • 80's party

    September 2015

    Our First Gala

    Once we had settled ourselves in and given our ordinary Sunchase apartment a proper makeover, it was time to throw the first "banger" if you will. Tom's 80's themed 21st will go down in the archives of history as the day our neighbors first got a taste of what we were capable of.

  • The Mural

    October 2015

    Tom Begins Work On The Mural

    A house classic fueled by Hiller and Venner's ideas and Tom's drawings is born and quickly becomes a staple and major talking point of the house.

  • Plate of Food

    Fall 2015

    Earning the Party

    Each week ticks by filled with hard studies, vigorous exercise, and a properly fueled diet. You gotta work hard to play hard.

  • 21st Birthday

    January 2016

    Boys Become Men

    Within one week of each other Hiller, Venner, and Schmit all turned 21 years old. This ushered in a new era for the boys of 1921.

  • Sledding

    January 2016

    Harrisonburg's Infamous Blizard

    It had been a long winter. The boys were tired having been in educational hibernation for several months. We awoke one morning to several feet of thick powder. Rather than turning to a comfy bed and Netflix, we charged the U-Park hill with an old surfboard. There was no other way to spend our day.

  • Us outside

    Spring 2016

    With Spring Comes New Life

    After a frigid winter the sun began poking out ushering in warm weather, an atmosphere where beach raised kids can truly thrive. While Schmit held down the fort from the safety of his room, Hiller, Venner, and Tom took to nature's new growth but spending everyday studying and throwing the football at the pool.

  • Us by the pool

    May 2016


    Degrees don't earn themselves and this house wont keep itself afloat. Venner, Hiller, and Tom all embark on a Maymester filled with back porch sittin', gainers into the pool, and being summer social butterflies.

  • Group Picture

    August 2016

    Senior Year Begins

    Though Hiller, D.V., and Tom wont graduate until December 2017, the boys embark on one last year as an unstoppable foursome. Schmit will be missed.

  • Dave's Face

    Use Your Imagination

    Whereabouts Unknown

    It just wouldn't seem right to tell the story of our final year as unified house until we've completed this chapter right? I know the suspense will kill you, but just know that somewhere out there the boys of 1921F are hard charging the world and leaving the weak hearted behind, for there are no days off.

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