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Whats up?

I'm Tommy, a UI/UX designer living in the DC metro area. Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed making stuff with my hands. Be it a drawing, the perfect meal, a skateboard ramp, or a new guitar riff, I enjoy making things people can use, appreciate, and be impressed by. Just like we want a dish to be plated and photo worthy, it also needs to serve its function and be delicious. A well thought out design is no different. What initially started as the meticulous crafting of LEGOs at a young age has now transitioned to a career in design and design thinking at scale. What hasn’t changed over the years- my attention to detail.

I obsess over every design component in my solutions and don’t believe in cutting corners. I work to make digital products more intuitive, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. I strive to couple my artistic eye with current technology to produce bleeding edge, interactive, visual content. At the end of the day I love the creative process, the excitement of releasing a solution, and the collaboration that design brings out in those it attracts. This website is more than just a portfolio- it’s my design story.

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Arlington, VA

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favorite tool

Illustrator. Hands down. I love adopting new tech and software, but something about drawing clean vectors makes the heart happy.

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fun fact

I’ve been drumming for 14 years, played in a few bands too. Had to hang up the rock star life for a little. Rumor has it I’m still on Spotify…

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newest hobby

Climbing. It gets ya active and keeps the hands from getting too comfortable on a computer. Nice to trade in the keyboard for a hangboard.

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let's eat.

Sharing a meal is better than sharing a link. Cooking is the most humble form of love and something I look forward to everyday.

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User Experience

This is the core of what I do. Everything is an experience, so why not make it the best? I create solutions that set the standard.

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Interface Design

The sweet spot between fashion and function. Combine the digital structure and the visual brand to help the user make a decision.

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Front End Development

I focus on the animation, interaction, and navigation to make an interface intuitive and clean. It should be simple and fun.

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Brand Development

Everyone has a favorite T-shirt that’s just “them.” Brand is what a user sees before they’ve even interacted with a product. It should be elegant.