Evan Button

Two friends passionate about their craft

What started out as two neighborhood kids playing music together for fun, evolved into a high school/college job playing gigs throughout Virginia, then into two people pursuing their career goals as a professional musician and designer.

I had been Evan’s drummer and bandmate for years, and originally that’s all it was. I was always designing on the side which ultimately led to the creation of our gig merch. Initially it was pretty rough (I was using Photoshop like MS paint and sending things to print at 72dpi) but much as the band’s talent and sophistication grew, so did my design chops.

Working with Evan has been an evolution in the right direction. We’ve both helped each other grow our separate brands over the years. I have had the privilege to help Evan build his musical identification from a visual standpoint. I have been lucky enough to design all of his album art, create and recreate his logo, create a web presence, and spot fill just about any mech request he has thrown at me. So, pull up his tunes on Spotify and enjoy some of work I’ve done for him over the years.

Client Evan Button
Deliverables Logo design. Brand establishment. Website. CD sleeve art. Promotional posters.
Old Logo
Original Logo
New Logo
Logo Rebrand

Designing with musical style and audience in mind.

From vinyl to vectors

A digital record store

Music is more than just a sonic art. Think of your favorite record, and I’d bet that the album art plays a big factor. Think of the last time you saw an overpriced concert tee and liked it enough that you forked over the 35 bucks. And I’d bet it’s still one of your favorites.

Close up of a guitarist playing a white electric guitar.
Evan Button's Stories album release poster
Evan Button's brewery show poster