Designing for fun

poster process


There has always been something cool about a poster to me. They become a great home for random illustrations that sit on my computer. I like having a tangible piece of art that isn’t only viewed through a screen.



This is the dump of some of my favorite logos, badges, shapes, and digital art from over the years. In the wise words of Aaron Draplin, “Vectors are free.”

1921F skull and crossbones Apartment Logo
Venture travel site logo
Flying Carabao cruise patch
Local Motion fitness company logo
Pukefest Thanksgiving shirt badge
Locals only shark badge
Acoustic commute bike and surfboard
Open Publications logo
Digital eagle logomark
Podlist logo
Rock 'n' create illustration
Moyer wedding coozie badge design
McMillan wedding coozie badge design
TK initals mark
Grom brew beer label type
Local Only. Virginia is for lovers badge
Alaskan salmon badge
X-wing fighter squadron patch

tattoo animation

pixel ink

The tattoo itself only took about 20 minutes. Teaching myself the tip of the iceberg in After Effects took a few days…

"Do y'all have stickers?"


I've always been a huge fan and collector of stickers. It's such a simple way to get your brand out there. Whether you're a restaurant, band, florist, or rodeo clown. Give out your stickers (for free if you can) and people will keep coming back. It's like being the guy that always has a stick of gum. These are the stickers I've had printed over the years. They're way more fun than business cards...

Water etiqutte nepture sticker
Freddie Mercury Don't Stop Me Now sticker
Locals only shark swimmer sticker
Evan Button old logo sticker
Koehler creative hands of creation sticker
Zion National Park sticker
Yosemite National Park sticker
Grand Canyon National Park sticker
Let's create. phone mockup sticker
Surf and Adventure bay watch sticker

My mural


Once of my most immature yet proudest pieces of art to date. The brainchild of my college roommates and I, this beauty graced the walls of our apartment. If you sand off several layers of KILZ primer, she’s under there. Only took about 20 black paint pens, two years, and a few beers to draw.

(hover over to magnify)
1921F Apartment Mural

bathroom decor

sh!t, shower, shave

A humble reminder that constant Illustrator practice and basic hygiene are key.

Bathroom toilet sqaure type badge
Bathroom shower sqaure type badge
Bathroom shave sqaure type badge

red leader standing by

X-wing mockup

Star Wars X-wing starfighter website/app mockup