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Project Iris is a uniquely engineered, assistive technology geared toward enhancing the everyday lives of people with visual impairments. With emphasis on personal discovery, independence, and empowerment, Iris strives to make its users environment more accessible.

Our team is building an assistive technology that “sees” the environment and navigates its user through non-visual cues. This would allow visually impaired users to cross streets without anxiety, follow directions using a full GPS system, read signs, and perform many other tasks sighted people may take for granted.

Iris leverages the latest in machine vision, perception, mapping, and human-machine interface innovations. The haptic belt, front facing camera, and an auditory headset work in conjunction to make navigation for blind and visually impaired more user friendly.

Our goal is to bring this technology to the forefront of the industry. We want to make the world more accessible and equitable for people with visual impairments.

Updated Features, Unlimited Possibilities

Check some of the specs that make Iris so unique!

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ZED Stereo Camera

Iris uses the latest 3-D modeling camera to map out the environment.

Lithium Battery

Iris has a five hour battery life that allows the user to get across town on a single charge.

Audio Navigation

Iris utalizes bone conducting headphones to give the user audio cues about there location or sinage that the camera sees.

GPS Navigation

In conjunction with the ZED camera, the Iris GPS maps out the user's route.

"We're really excited about this collaboration with Booz Allen. We think it's demonstrative of the strategy that many more engineers and developers need to follow. You're engaging us as blind individuals in the consideration of technology you feel is beneficial and that will positively effect our lives. And we continue to make examples of successful blind people, in everything that we do."

Anil Lewis

Director of the Jernigan Institute

Anil Lewis
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