Venture Travel Site

My first dive into building a digital pattern library

It had been a year since my last backpacking trip. I spent so much time gathering photos, making videos, and documenting our day-to-day in my travel journal that I wanted to share all of these great experiences and the progression of my summer story. During this backpacking hiatus, I got very excited about my major course work and design in general. Coupling illustrative design with something as rigid as code was new to me, but something I was becoming increasingly passionate about. I’ve never been a big social media guy and the idea of a travel blog seemed so vanilla- I decided I wanted to pair the trip’s organic nature with a clean interface that could be viewed across multiple devices.

Client Capstone Independant Study
Deliverables Single page website. Stickers.
Grand Canyon National Park badge
Yosemite National Park badge
Zion National Park badge

There is always a new park to explore and a new skill to learn.

It was at this time when a co-worker of mine told me about an independent study he was working on with James Madison University’s Web and Interactive Design Professor, David Hardy. I shot David an email asking if there was a possibility of doing something similar during my last semester at JMU. Talk about going out with a bang, right? So, we set up a meeting. When I laid out a sixteen-week plan to conceptualize, design, and implement the site, I could see how excited he was about the idea. When September rolled around, I started work on the project. David helped me with some of the very ambitious ideas I had and provided exceptional design feedback. I learned more about code and digital design during these sixteen weeks than I ever did in standard coursework.

I got to watch the process unfold as I coupled my love for design with my unquenchable thirst to be outside. My goal is to continue my design skills and never stop exploring the beautiful landscape this country is blessed with. I decided on the name Venture because this had been my proudest project at the time, not only because it had taught me more about my craft, but because unknowingly- it was years in the making. There is always room to grow as a designer, always more parks to explore, and always new ventures to tackle.

Logo Rebrand
Isometric screen mockup of an outdoors website.

Venture Microsite

Hiking into the unknown

This is the single page scroller that kickstarted my career in interface design

Full page dewsktop mockup of an outdoors website.